Newest 1200W LED Grow Light,COB Plant Light for Adjustable Energy Saving Switch, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamps with Veg and Bloom for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower (1200W)

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  • 【Adjustable VEG & BLOOM Knobs】Most convenient to use; Our led grow light with Newest dimmable Energy saving knobs, You can use veg and bloom knobs to adjust light intensity and brightness according to different growth stages to control the growth of plants and save energy and time for you, instead of adjusting the height of placement like the old model lamps.
  • 【Full-Spectrum Plant Light with COB Integration】Maximum light output; Newest upgraded big COB chip provides full spectrum lighting from 380 nm to 800 nm(including VU+IR),Can make your plant grow quickly,greatly save your time,scientifically designed to maintain the balance of par/lumen output and coverage.
  • 【Low Energy Consumption and money saving】Most power saving; This lamp saves 70% of electricity compared with ordinary plant growth lights.Our new Dual-Chips 1200W led lights is brighter and efficient, but consuming only 110 watts. The high speed quiet fan and upgraded aluminum heat sinks can cool down the heat from LED.
  • 【Applicable Environment】The safest use; Our LED grow lights are suitable for indoor gardens, greenhouses, farming, flower planting and plant factories etc.Plus, each LED has a resistor to make it work independently and safer to use. which could increase your lighting time and promote plant growth And don't worry that your plants won't burn.