Beelux 1000W LED Grow Light

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  • 【Energy efficient & Higher-quality】 The led grow light can replace traditional 1000 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 110 watt. It saves up to 50% energy than other led grow lights and still was 30-50% more harvest. Effectively reduce light loss and ensure the utilization of light up to 98%.
  • 【High efficiency full spectrum indoor grow】Different from other full spectrum grow lights, we added more RED light to ensure the yield will be increased up to 30%-50%.You can grow delicate tropical plants in winter and harvest vegetables and herbs on the coldest winter days.
  • 【Efficient cooling system】1000w led grow light are adopted 2 high-speed cooling fans+built-in aluminum heat-sink+unique built-in temperature controller, all of them constitute a powerful cooling system which can dissipate the heat from the lamp inside to outside efficiently. Enable the light bulb to work at 50°F to 60°Ft.
  • 【Wide coverage】 The best irradiation range of this plant light is 3x3ft while the best illumination height is 18-30 inches. Remember to properly adjust the height and brightness according to your plant's desired level for its optimal growth.