Blonde Wig for Women Human Hair - Short Human Hair Wigs with Bangs, the Right Side Lace Hair Slit is Used on the Top of the Wig

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  • Beautiful Texture: The Right Side Lace Hair Slit is used on the top of the wig to ensure better breathability of the wig that gives a natural and effortless appearance. This human hair wig takes mere minutes to nail down a perfect look. You always have gorgeous texture and shine
  • So Sexy: Having straight human hair wig is an instant confidence booster because it looks so darn sexy. Straight hair never goes out of style. They are elastic and covers the entire scalp area with a natural hairstyle, so no one can tell that you are wearing a wig
  • Runway for Everyday: straight hair wig is one of the most dominant styles on fashion runways, and you can achieve the look any day you want. Use human hair wig to amplify fabulousness at a special occasion or give an everyday look a boost whenever you want
  • Like Caring for Your Own Hair: Make human hair wigs last longer with proper care. Always brush hair so it's tangle-free before washing. Use a mild shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to make extensions last longer. Let wigs dry naturally