Coco Coir Premium RHP Certified Pre Buffered Pure Organic Coconut Coir Fiber Plant Grow Potting Soil 9 Quarts / 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Indoor / Outdoor Flower Vegetable Garden

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  • 100% Pure Coco Fiber Washed & Pre-Buffered with Calcium, pH Stabilized
  • RHP Quality ensures that the coir maintains a high level of consistency and quality
  • High Water Retention, Unaltered Nutrient Profile, Perfect for Hydroponic and Grow Bag Gardens
  • Consistent Quality Product for Over 15 Years
  • High Water Retention Capacity, which allows gardeners to feed plants less often as nutrients are retained by the coco around the plant roots.
  • 9 Dry Quarts Ready to Use Out of Bag Perfectly Hydrated for Handling
  • 6.5 Pound Package of Pure Coconut Coir